Tiny Music Studio

Tiny Music crafts memorable, aspirational, intricate melodies and soundscapes that connect images to emotions and experiences. By shaping together boutique tunes that invoke visual serenity tinted with a distinctive Montreal underground indie edge, Tiny Music creates the perfect sonic discourse to flow with your moving images. 

Florian Seraul


Florian Seraul started experimenting with the textures of sound in France when he was a just a child, locked in his bedroom, playing with whatever instruments he could get his hands on. His taste for indie, orchestral-folk music developed while living in Sweden, observing its sophisticated simplicity and an appreciation for silence and nature. Florian is now influenced by Montreal’s gritty, seductive underground music scene and its overground bustling blend of languages, cultures and lifestyles. All of these experiences combine to create undoubtably visual, visceral music.