Les Médias, Le Monde et Moi.


documentary soundtracks project

Over the last weeks, I joined an important documentary project led by two french journalists: Anne-Sophie Novel (journalist for Le Monde, Public Senat, Le 1 Hebdo) and Flo Laval (co-founder of Revue Far Ouest) about the current general state of the press. In this moment of extreme pressure on journalistic credibility, I'm very honored to write the soundtrack of this documentary and share this project with you. 


"Because being well informed is vital" 

Les médias, le monde et moi proposes a reflection both individual and collective on our relationship to the world, to information, and to what we must preserve more than ever. In this journey, the duo intends to analyze the reasons of this discomfort regularly expressed by the general audience towards the media.

In France and abroad, Anne-Sophie Novel and Flo Laval are going to meet writers who conceive their profession differently. Aware of the challenges of the world, they are embarking on new paths of action. Among them : Le 1, Cash Investigation, Médiapart, The Guardian, BBC, SJN, economists, sociologists, researchers and many more. 

Listen to the composition I created for the teaser below. ↓


The movie just started a fundraising campaign
Les Médias, Le Monde et Moi will be available by the end of 2018. (And I look forward to share the soundtrack with you!)